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SpaceShipTwo, a Virgin Galactic plane, may be ready to make regular commercial flights to space within twelve months.


Virgin Galactic, owned by Richard Branson, is working to complete a space port in New Mexico to go with SpaceShipTwo. Once the port is done, the ship will be capable of flying six passengers, and two pilots, into space on a regular basis. It will piggyback on a mother ship, also completed, until it gains enough altitude. Once there, SpaceShipTwo will launch itself up and out of Earth's atmosphere. Although the plane will only brush the edges of space, its passengers will get to experience weightlessness, and get to peek out the window at the Earth while they hover a little closer to the stars. They will then return to earth, without making a complete orbit.

Currently, the ship is booked up, since 500 passengers are already awaiting a voyage. If you do get lucky enough to go on the flight, forget making a down payment on your house. It will cost around $200,000 per ride. Don't worry too much, though. Branson wants to move towards a full Earth's orbit, and once a spaceship that can do that is built, the price of a ride on this one will go down like a used CD.



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