Save The Dolphins, Save The Cheerleader

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Heroes continues to one-up Lost as often as possible; as the cast of ABC's castaway drama get continually arrested for DUIs, actors from NBC's superhero soap are now in danger of finding themselves arrested for saving the world.


At least, that's the story that the show's indestructable cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere, is putting about. Talking to E! News - surely the last bastion of journalistic integrity in these troubled times - Panettiere announced that there's a warrant out for her arrest in Japan, following her participation in a protest against the slaughter of whales and dolphins:

Her group attempted to reach a pod of dolphins before it was driven into a nearby cove and massacred, but they were blocked by a fishing boat before they could reach the sea creatures.

"It was really frightening," Panettiere said at the time. "But in the end, all we really worried about was the dolphins."

After returning to shore, the group headed directly to Osaka and left the country to avoid being arrested for trespassing by the Japanese national police.

Now it looks like the scare's not quite over for the actress.

When asked what the arrest warrant could mean, Panettiere replied, "Potentially jail, but I doubt it."


Oh, Hayden. You really have to work on your responses there. "Potentially jail, but I doubt it"? Really? Just imagine what NBC's promo writers could have come up with for this situation: "Next Monday... She tried to save the world... but can she save herself?"

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