Saturn Girl Blasts Into The Brains Of Smallvillians

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Telepathic cutie Saturn Girl is finally making her appearance on Smallville, thanks to Geoff Johns' episode that not only ushers in our perky hero from the future, but a few other members of the Legion of Super Heroes. Playing the girl who's inside everybody's minds is pop star Alexz Johnson.The upcoming episode "Legion," penned by DC scribe Geoff Johns, brings all the baby supers from the future to the town of Smallville. Besides Saturn Girl, you're also getting Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad. The three come back from a future where Clark is the greatest champion of their time. The news was announced on Alexz Johnson's fan page:

Yes, to answer questions that people keep asking me about: the rumours that Alexz is guest-starring in the long-awaited “Legion” episode of Smallville are true… she is filming this episode as she awaits the final mix of what may be the final song for her album…"


Can't wait to see all the kiddie heroes worship bashful ol' Clark Kent. [Alexz World via Mania]

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Never heard of her, but the physical resemblance to the drawing is pretty damned impressive.