Saturday Night Live Envisions the Game of Thrones Spinoff Future, With Ice-T’s Help

The Westeros version of SVU.
The Westeros version of SVU.
Image: NBC

Game of Thrones is nearly over, which means the spinoffs are coming. We already know more than one prequel is being planned to fill the dark fantasy quota in HBO’s programming. It’s a tricky transition to make; if a spinoff can work, Westeros can be parlayed from a setting for an iconic TV show into a multimedia extended universe. Or, as SNL puts it, “We’re going full Star Wars with this.”

When Saturday Night Live envisions the extended Thrones universe, they come up with some pretty off-the-wall ideas. Like Kit Harrington in a Westerosi version of Riverdale. They also come up with some, uh, ideas. Like Arya staring in a parody of Daria. Get it, cause they rhyme? But they also give us the glory that is Game of Thrones: Special Victim’s Unit, a Law & Order crossover featuring Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T plying their investigative trade in Westeros.

This sketch is worth it just to see the two of them do their thing. Ice-T’s performance as Detective Fin Tutuola is one of the most fun and most eminently parodiable performances in modern television, and I would watch him be incredulous in any genre.

Game of Thrones premieres April 14th on HBO. 

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I’d actually really like to see a “modern” sequel to GOT. What does that world look like since they have years long seasons, lands filled with ice zombies, and the potential of dragons being hatched under the right condition?

Does Westeros ever get some form of democracy? What does public transit look like in a modern high fantasy world?