Satellite Goes Down, Buck Rogers Not Reporting In

It looks like the U.S. Navy was able to pull off a real-life game of missile command last night, and successfully shot down our ailing superspy satellite while everyone was busy gawping at the lunar eclipse. Hey, that's exactly how the script for the failed reboot of Buck Rogers began... does that mean we just sent a frozen astronaut into deep orbit somewhere? Strangely, the military lackey in this video doesn't address that issue.

In the script for the Buck Rogers reboot, it's a Ukrainian strategic defense initiative satellite that's failing, although it's also carving huge swaths across the planet with its mega-laser weapon. Sort of like the Borg did in Enterprise when they chopped up Florida. Buck Rogers, superhero to millions and ace of the space skies is sent off to shoot the thing down, although it's partially sentient and dodges his superbomb. Buck, ever the hero, decides to go after the satellite with the only weapon he has left... himself.


He crashes into it, but is apparently obliterated in the process. But little known to those left behind, he's blasted into deep space as debris. On Earth, he's celebrated as a hero with statues and meals named after him, but the resulting nuclear explosion is seen in space and alien species start visiting the planet. This leads to problems later, the kind that only Buck can solve when he thaws out 100 years later. Although we'll never really know, because the script died in development, but we're patiently waiting his return, perhaps in 2108.

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