Satan's Son Worries About the 'Dark Cloud Inside Me' in New Damien Teaser

Illustration for article titled Satans Son Worries About the Dark Cloud Inside Me in New iDamien/i Teaser

Satan is sizzling hot right now. So it’s perfect timing for A&E to release another trailer promoting Damien, its upcoming Omen-inspired tale about what happens when the Antichrist realizes he can’t keep running from his sinister past, his evil destiny, and all the hangers-on who want a piece of his action.


Unlike the cheeky Lucifer, it looks like Damien will appropriate a way more serious tone—and a much scarier vibe. (This is the network that brought us The Walking Dead, after all.) Plus, it would appear Barbara Hershey will be tapping into that same adoring/terrifying thing that made her role in Black Swan so unforgettably creepy. We’ll see! Damien premieres March 7.


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