Satanic Christmas light display irks Tennessee motorists

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Jackie Blevins of Carter County, Tennessee has a singular dream: to display his automobiles dolled up in pure Satanic majesty at local car shows. But when his customized cars were kicked off the lot, Mr. Blevins protested the way aggrieved folks have been doing for decades — by adorning their homes with blinking Satanic missives:

Bright red letters saying "The Devil's Inn is closed until Judgement Day", along with a message reading "Satan Satan Hear My Plea, Satan Satan Come To Me" illuminate the side of Highway 19-E each night. Jackie Blevins built the display over a week ago. "[I] put this sign up here on the building because of what has happened right here," Blevins said as he pointed to cars he refinished with skulls and devil's horns. Blevins told News 5 his cars were banned from area car shows, and in response he built the sign as a way of showing his anger.

According to Blevins, trespassers have tried to fiddle with his "freedom to dress up his car as Satan" photonic protest. A reporter at WCYB-TV also asked Blevins if he was concerned small children would wonder if "Satan [was] in his home." This is easily the most important story confronting the nation.

WCYB via Arbroath. Photo: Tim Davis.

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while i fully support this individual's right to free speech and applaud his rather creative way of getting back at the intolerant religious members of his community who have banned his cars from auto shows, i also have a feeling that this person might be annoying to have as a neighbor.