Satan is a harsh Dungeonmaster in this amazing "D&D-Is-Evil" '80s PSA

In the '80s, there was no greater danger to young people than Dungeons & Dragons. Thankfully, religious PSAs like the above tried to save the youth's of America, mostly by completely misconstruing what the game was about.


Pro-tip: If your Dungeonmaster has thugs who drag players whose characters die off to the pits of hell, perhaps you should consider looking for another Dungeonmaster. Also, if your Dungeonmaster gives you bonuses to your Saving Throws for real-world blood sacrifice, that may also be a clue that something's off, because that is totally not in the Dungeonmaster's Guide.

Also: Lord of the Little People? Is that one of those 2nd Edition titles you get when your characters hit level 9? Doesn't it come with 2d10 followers and a castle?


[Via Christian Nightmares]

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Corpore Metal

I remember when Chick Publications came out with Dark Dungeons. It was all malarky and hysteria from the same people who gave us nonsense like backmastered rock lyrics about Satan.

My theory is that religious people were really scared by roleplaying games because many of them were heavily laced with anthropology, history and concepts of comparative religion. Expose a kid to enough of that and pretty soon she'll twig to the fact that maybe the god she's told to pray to in Sunday Mass or Sunday School is just as much make believe as all the gods in D&D are.

"D&D can't be a tool of Satan. My 200th level Paladin, Thadeus Ironpants, kicked Satan's ass Thursday night at Bill's house! Maybe we all ought to be worshiping Thad, eh?"