Satan cackles triumphantly as Hello Kitty teams up with Playboy

Yes, beloved Japanese icon of kid-friendly cute Hello Kitty and legendary magazine of class, culture and nekkid ladies Playboy have teamed up to spawn an unholy merchandise mash-up. Assuming the complete cognitive dissonance hasn't caused you to pass out, here are a few of the items now available.


The Hello Kitty x Playboy line is available at Colette, the French clothing and accessories retailer, and according to Anime News Network includes "candy, mirrors, memo notes, lighters, mugs, Leica cameras, iPhone cases, socks, bowties, boxers, shirts, and more." They held a celebration for the line at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris, where the normally topless performers left their tops on during their pole-dancing routines, since, you know, Hello Kitty is a bit too kid-targeted to be associated with something so salacious as exposed breasts. EXCEPT FOR PLAYBOY, APPARENTLY.

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