Satan cackles as new Trolls Dolls movie, TV show, video game and whatever humans can market moves forward

Who's going to tell Dreamworks everyone hates Troll Dolls?

Dreamworks Animation has just nabbed the rights to the super hot toy that all the kids are talking about 20 years ago — yes, the hideous Troll Doll, with its "please kill me eyes" and bedazzled belly button. It makes perfect sense that the kids of today would want to watch watch movies and shows about the discarded crap I find in my Mom's basement.


According to Deadline, Dreamworks has a multi-platform launch idea for these creatures from games a television show (some of you may remember this isn't the first Troll Doll TV show). Nothing is set in stone yet, but this is just one Faustian deal away from becoming the next Smurfs.

Meanwhile, the slap bracelet RPG is still stuck in development hell.

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