The latest pair of possible Bigfoot sightings has confirmed our suspicions: The Hendersons' favorite house guest hates posing for pictures. A footprint was discovered in the jungle of Sumatra, and yet another candid was taken in Kentucky.

The Mahoneys of Jefferson County, Kentucky believe they have caught a picture of Bigfoot on their motion-sensitive camera, which they set up to find out where all their vegetables were disappearing to. This is what they caught:


But don't take our word for it, here they are, explaining the whole discovery.

Meanwhile, in the Sumatra Jungle a couple believe they stumbled on the elusive Orang Pendek. Which is more of a smaller Bigfoot, or "Jungle Ape Man" as the stories describe. They didn't get a picture of the creature, but managed to take a shot of its footprint, and grabbed a sample of rattan palm it was chewing on for DNA evidence.


Witnesses have described the beast as being about 5ft tall and say that it walks on two legs.

It is thought to be extremely powerful - with reports of onlookers seeing it ripping apart logs.


Both stories were found at The Sun, so it's gotta be true. But you be the judge — until the DNA evidence comes back.