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A pair of hikers exploring the Grassy Narrows in Ontario stumbled upon a berry-fancying big foot. They described it as being "about eight feet long and all black." One hiker told CBC news, "The way it walked was upright, human-like, but more - I don't know how to describe it - more of a husky walk, I guess. It didn't look normal." Has the sasquatch become a Canadian?


The shadowy creature was spotted in Northwestern Ontario around 10 a.m. by Helen Pahpasay and her mother. The women even claim that others later found a large, six-toed footprint in the area (six toes!). Apparently this is the second sighting of a big foot-esque creature the general region, and there were sightings in 2006 in the woods of Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan. It's all adding up, people. We're mere moments away from a reality TV version of Harry and the Hendersons, set in Prince Albert, Sask.

[CBC News]


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