Sarah Shahi's Near Future VR Thriller Reverie Is Heading to NBC

Image: CBS
Image: CBS

Person of Interest’s Sarah Shahi is headlining NBC’s latest series order, a scifi thriller about a woman tasked with rescuing users who are trapped in an addictive, immersive VR program. At least she already has experience working with advanced, sinister technologies, right?


Announced as part of NBC’s ongoing season renewals and cancellations—which has already seen a casualty in the form of DC Comics office comedy PowerlessReverie will head straight to series at the network as part of its new slate of programming for the next season. Created by Extant’s Mickey Fisher, the show follow’s Shahi’s lead character, Mara Kint, an ex-hostage negotiator and current college professor brought back into the tense world of negotiations when she’s tasked with pulling people out of a “highly advanced virtual-reality program in which you can literally live your dreams.”

There’s not much else known about the show just yet, but Reverie is expected to air as part of NBC’s schedule for the 2017-18 season. [EW]

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Howard the Duck

I’ll watch it just because she’s in it. Loved Person of Interest.