Sarah Jane Spin-Off Launches Doctor Who's Animated Adventure

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The new season of The Sarah Jane Adventures won't just guest-star outgoing Doctor Who David Tennant — It'll also serve as a launch pad for the new Doctor Who animated series Dreamland, according to the series' head writer.


Following a preview screening of opening story-arc "Planet of The Judoon" last week, head writer Phil Ford revealed that "events in the first story of season three of the Who spin-off will have a direct link into the events in the upcoming Doctor Who animated series," according to British magazine SFX. Sadly, Ford didn't elaborate on exactly how the "fantastic romp" episodes - which aren't the ones with a David Tennant appearance (That'd be "The Wedding of Sarah-Jane Smith," the fifth and sixth episodes of the season) - would tie into the animated story about the Doctor visiting Roswell in 1958, besides the fact that he's writing both.


Sarah Jane Adventures premieres on BBC One in the UK on October 15th.

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crashedpc /sarcasm

I haven't heard enough about Sarah Jane Adventures... how is this series? Asking for io9er opinions. I could google it, but... well.