Blessed be Linda Hamilton.
Gif: Paramount

Enter a new work week like Sarah Connor: plowing directly into your tasks with all the force of a 4x4 smashing right into an evil robot.


Paramount just dropped a new clip from the upcoming Terminator, depicting the moment Sarah Connor reacquaints herself with the latest iteration of the Skynet threat. While we’ve mostly seen it in the trailers already, there is something still extremely satisfying about watching Linda Hamilton step out of a jeep armed to the teeth and, with all the casual smoothness of walking a dog or fetching some groceries, walking straight at a set of Terminators with guns and rocket launchers blazing.

Sadly no utterance of “You metal motherfucker” this time, but hey—gotta save some stuff for the full movie, I guess?


Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters November 1.

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