Sarah Connor Wouldn't Give Up On You. So Don't Give Up On Her.

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Rumors have been zooming around cyberspace that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been axed. It's like some kind of Skynet plot. Some have even suggested the show is stopping production early. We checked with sources at Fox, and got the straight dope: the fight against mean robots goes on, for now. "The rumors are all speculative and never fact checked with the network or studio," says a Fox rep. Here's the actual situation: Fox has ordered 13 episodes of Sarah Connor season two, and those episodes are still in production. The network has not yet made a decision, one way or another, about whether to order the remaining nine episodes of the season, says the rep. It's not clear how soon this decision has to be made, but there's still some breathing room. Sadly, it's true that SCC's ratings haven't been great this season, along with most other Monday night dramas. The cast blames Monday Night Football, and other observers have blamed the fact that the strike shortened last year's seasons and people have lost touch with these shows. The most recent Terminator episode garnered only about 5.25 million viewers. So if you love this show as much as we do, now would be a great time to get your friends to watch it — especially if they have primitive Nielsen box technology in their homes.


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It kind of looks like her head is detachable, like a Barbie's head