Sarah Connor Chronicles creator Josh Friedman to write a new series about robots

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We were huge fans of the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series, and so it's exciting to hear that T:SCC's showrunner Josh Friedman is working on a new science fiction project.


Deadline Hollywood has the awesome news:

Homeland executive producer Howard Gordon and writer Josh Friedman have teamed for a high-concept drama project, which has landed a rich premium script deal at NBC. The untitled project, from 20th Century Fox TV and Gordon's studio-based Teakwood Lane, is described as a thriller soap set in a world much like ours, where human-looking robots are commonplace. After a routine homicide explodes into the first robot-on-human murder, the lead detective must solve the case and investigate a growing robot rebellion while dealing with the impact on his own fractured family. This marks the first project to come out of Teakwood Lane, which Gordon launched last month.

Friedman will write the script with Gordon supervising.

Gordon was the showrunner on 24, and also worked on Buffy and Angel, as well as The X-Files. This show sounds like it could be similar to a few of Isaac Asimov's detective novels featuring robots.

On Twitter, Friedman said:

Here's hoping we'll be watching this series soon!

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Illustration from the cover of Asimov's Robots of Dawn by Michael Whelan.



I'm a huge fan of TSCC and Friedman, but doesn't this sound a whole lot like "I, Robot" to anyone else?