Sara Lance Kicks Butt in the '70s in the First Clip From Legends of Tomorrow

It’s not long before the CW’s answer to the Justice League hits our TV screens, and everything we’ve seen so far seems wildly ambitious and full of that cheesy, earnest fun that the CW’s DC universe thrives on. That same sense of fun is definitely there in this new clip, along side a whole bunch of butt kicking.


Yes, Sara Lance herself—reborn as the White Canary in the Arrow-verse—is the star of this delightful clip which begins with Sara, now in the 70s thanks to the time-travel shenanigans of Rip Hunter, attempting to escape the gaze of a male bar patron by insinuating that she’d much prefer to make a pass at said patron’s lady friend.

Naturally, that doesn’t go down all that well.

It’s goofy and fun in all the right places—Sara asking Captain Cold and Heatwave to stay out of it, only for her to reconsider when more guys wade into the brawl—and Heatwave’s “I love the 70s!” line is as great as it was in the trailers, but honestly, the real star? Captain Cold just smashing those two beers he was holding, sporting a delightful shit-eating grin as he joins the fight. Wentworth Miller steals every scene he’s in as Snart, and it’s the best.


Legends of Tomorrow hits the CW on Thursday, January 21st.

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Looks fun. Also like that they are embracing the fact that she is lesbian rather than avoiding that too much.