Santa Claus is the Ultimate Cryptozoological Nightmare

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Children the world over look forward to their annual visit from Father Christmas, but what if the secret behind Santa Claus was actually something sinister? In the film Rare Exports, we will learn Santa Claus' terrifying cryptozoological origins.

Rare Exports Inc., a short Finnish film, explains the startling origins behind the legions of mall Santas found across the globe.

Note: Video contains Santa nudity and is thus NSFW.


And its sequel offers instructions for the safe care and handling of your Father Christmas.


And now the notion of Santa as cryptid is getting a feature length treatment. It looks like next December, we'll be seeing a full-length Rare Exports, but the teaser shows something scrawnier and meaner than jolly old Saint Nick. Is this the sinister stuff Father Christmases are made of, or Santa's vicious companion Krampus?


[via Twitch]

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For the Naked Santa, the warning should be NSFEMS (Eyes, Mind, Soul)