Sandman's Endless reimagined as superheroes

Illustration for article titled emSandman/ems Endless reimagined as superheroes

Artist Ilias Kyriazis gave the Endless from Neil Gaiman's comic Sandman a makeover fitting their home in the DC Universe, outfitting the powerful beings as mere superheroes.


Despair, Desire, Death, Dream, Destruction, Destiny, and Delirium trade in their usual duds for spandex (and, in Destruction's case, a bit of skin). You can see individual versions of the costume designs on Kyriazis' blog.

Superhero Sandman [Ilias Kyriazis via Super Punch]

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Pan of Steel

Needs more body armour before DC would be interested. Though Despair does kind of sum up my feelings about the publisher at the moment.