Sandman Tries To Kidnap A Naive Nightmare In This Creepy-Cute Webcomic

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Miyuli’s webcomic Lost Nightmare has the feel of a malevolent children’s book, one where the classically wicked characters, like the Bogeyman, are less frightening than the luminous shepherd known as the Sandman. And a sweet little nightmare named Ink is about to learn the truly scary aspects of the dreamscape.

Ink is still a little nightmare, but he’s in training to be the next Bogeyman. The problem is that Ink doesn’t know what’s scary — and he doesn’t have any particular interest in being scary, either. All Ink wants to do is impress Jasper, the son of the Bogeyman who was once Ink’s best friend. One night, a rabbit comes down from the moon and tells Ink that the Sandman can help him by turning him into a good dream. So Ink begins his quest to find the Sandman.

Nightmares, it turns out, have fears of their own. The Bogeyman’s fear is that the Sandman will reach Ink before he does. He also fears something about Ink’s power and whom it could harm if that power doesn’t stay in control.


Miyuli (who also goes by Julie K.) gives Lost Nightmare a painterly quality, making it seem part comic, part storybook. It seems apt, not just for Ink’s own child-like nature, but also for the other characters, who may think that they’ve wandered into a children’s adventure, but are sure to find something darker there.

[Lost Nightmare]

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You had me excited because when you say Sandman I automatically think