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Samuel L. Jackson Gave Brie Larson a Great Star Wars Surprise for May the Fourth

Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson, best of friends, in Unicorn Store.
Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson, best of friends, in Unicorn Store.
Image: Netflix

Even celebrities are fans, and Brie Larson is, like, well, everyone else, a noted huge Star Wars fan.


So on May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day, Brie Larson’s friend and Star Wars alum Samuel L Jackson gave her a very cool gift, as explained by Larson on a recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Or, well, maybe not a gift. But a glimpse at what it was like to shoot Star Wars movies.

As Larson describes, Jackson brought to her, wrapped in a silk cloth, his very own lightsaber, the purple-bladed weapon that Jackson himself picked out on the set of the prequels. It was, apparently, pretty heavy, and Larson was understandably thrilled.


Now, of course, he wasn’t generous enough to give her the lightsaber, but why would you ever give away your lightsaber? Pretty sure that’s against the Jedi Code.

The part of the interview in question starts at 3:11, and provides perhaps the best incentive ever to try to become friends with Samuel L. Jackson.

(Note: Don’t try to become friends with celebrities unless you’re also a celebrity, or you have friends of friends in common or something. That’s weird.)

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I was going to wait until Captain Marvel came out on video to see it. Now having seen Endgame yesterday, I might have to change that.  CM and Brie Larson are both badass and I must see more of them.