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Samuel Jackson vs. Shark - Who Wins?

We were talking earlier today about the fine film that is Deep Blue Sea, featuring deadly sharks and a great moment of Samuel L. Jackson munching. After he delivers a speech about why it's bad to fight.

Deep Blue Sea is about a group of scientists who bio-engineer supersharks in order to cure Alzheimers, and is directed by Renny "I like pirate ladies" Harlin. The problem is that the supersharks don't want to be ground up into human brain powder that helps clean up brain plaques. In fact, all the supersharks want to do is eat people. As this clip demonstrates.


Deep Blue Sea via IMDB

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This is, by far, one of my favorite moments in all of film. It's the number one thing that makes this movie so watchable when really, it shouldn't be. #deepbluesea