Samuel Delany's 70-Year Romance Novel Coming This Fall

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You think your love affair is long lasting? Your romance is but an eyeblink compared to that of the characters in Samuel R. Delany's new novel — which is finally coming out this fall.

When we interviewed Delany a while back, he was excited about his new novel, Through The Valley Of The Nest Of Spiders, but didn't yet have a publisher or release date. He described it to us:

In a way, it's a very simple story, just about two working-class gay men, who meet when they're seventeen and nineteen, living on the coast of Georgia. They meet in 2007, and they stay together for the next 80 years, until one of them dies. Now you tell me whether that's science fiction or not. It definitely goes into the future, but on the other hand, they're absolutely out of the center of life, and things progress where they live, very very slowly. And they hear about things that are going on outside. They live on coastal part of Georgia in a little town that does go through cycles of being a semi-popular tourist spot in the summers, and then some years, nobody bothers to come at all. Eventually they move to a little island off the coast, and a little lesbian art colony starts up on the island. And they wonder if they're not being crowded out of their new home. But they're very fond of some of the people who live there, and some of the people who live there are very fond of them.


Delany just appeared on the Cover To Cover podcast, and revealed that Nest Of Spiders is coming out this fall, from Alyson Books. Writes Matthew Cheney:

It was the first time I'd publicly heard the release date of Chip's new novel, Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders, which is scheduled to be releaed in November from Alyson Books, where the great Don Weise, who was the editor for Dark Reflections, is now the publisher. A version of part of the new novel appeared in Black Clock 7 a few years ago, and Chip read some of it aloud at Readercon this past summer. It tells the story of the relationship of two men, starting in 2007 and continuing for about seventy years into the future.

So now I guess it's 70 years, rather than 80 years. In either case, I'm still dying to read this novel.

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Derek C. F. Pegritz

Now, I'll read ANYthing by Samuel Delaney, as he's one of my favourite writers—but I can't see reading about two gay guys just hanging out for seventy years in the sticks being all that interesting. In fact, it sounds almost homicidally boring. Unless, of course, one of them goes posthuman during the Singularity Era or the other mutates into a female or a hermaphrodite or something.