Illustration for article titled Sams True Blood Wake-Up Call Is More Than It Seems, In New Clip

Check out the latest behind-the-scenes video on the set of Alan Ball's True Blood. Looks like Sam has gone and made himself some new friends. (Let's hope they like that changeling puppy smell.) Who is this flannel-shirted man? Spoilers below!

People are speculating that this is Tommy Mickens (played by Marshall Allman) — Sam's brother. And since a large part of the new season is Sam trying to find his long-lost family, this lines up rather well. The next behind-the-scenes clip was released a few days ago, but one thing we noticed this time around was Sookie's ring finger. Looks like even though Bill's been vampire-napped, she's still holding him to his fanged word.

True Blood premieres June 13th.

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