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Whatever damage Terminator Salvation did to star Sam Worthington's career, Avatar must have undone, because the Aussie is starring in yet another science fiction epic. Worthington is bringing square-jawed space pilot Dan Dare to life on the big screen.


Pajiba is reporting that Warner Bros. is foaming at the mouth to bring this exceptionally sassy comic-book character to life, and they want Worthington to portray him. The 1950s comic, created by Frank Hampson, has had a very long and successful ride, so we can easily see why everyone is excited to turn a "darker and grittier" version of this comic into a movie, which is the rumored plan. Our guess is they will use the newer and slightly more dark Garth Ennis series as a basis for a screenplay.

But as of right now there still is no director or writer attached to the project in anyway. Also, let's hope they involve actual Brits in the production of this film — just not Guy Ritchie, please. We need a break from fast cuts, zooms and hyper-talking, for now at least.


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