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Image: The Titan (Netflix)
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Netflix’s latest original movie is heading to the stars, and to do so it’s turning Sam Worthington into an alien. So, it’s like Avatar, but with less tree sex and more body horror.

The first trailer for The Titan paints a dire picture for humanity in the near future: Nuclear war has left swathes of Earth unhabitable, and resources are in such a shortage that in a decade, half of humankind will be gone. So, an off-the-grid military base has decided to find Earth a new home: Titan. Hopefully, they don’t bump into any purple dudes with fancy gloves.

From there though, things take a turn for the worse when it’s revealed said military base is also transforming soldiers to better survive on Titan, only for Worthington’s character to grow beyond humanity’s next evolutionary step and into something that... well, kinda looks like one of the Engineers from Alien?


It certainly looks weird, although it’s a shame it seems like it sharply veers into monster horror shenanigans instead of the “Earth is doomed” setup, but we actually won’t have long to find out if The Titan succeeds in building itself a better Sam Worthington: it’s dropping on Netflix in just over a week, on March 30.

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