Sam Worthington Can't Stay Away From Criminal Futures

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Not content with starring in both Terminator Salvation and Avatar, Sam Worthington's mission to become the go-to guy for big budget SF movies continues with the just-announced Last Days Of American Crime.


American Crime, based upon an as-yet-unpublished comic created by current Punisher writer (and Fear Agent creator) Rick Remender, takes place in a future America that has devolved into chaos after the announcement of a government plan to roll out mind control technology to eradicate any unlawful thoughts. Worthington will play a safecracker brought on board a heist planned for just before the mind control begins.

The comic launches in January; Remender told that announcements about the movie's director, writer and other cast members will be forthcoming.


Worthington Signs on for American Crime [Mania]

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What the? Seriously? The book hasn't even come out yet!