Sam Raimi's Quibi Series 50 States of Fright Drops a Trailer Packed With Bite-Sized Horror

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Seems friendly.
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Just before Halloween last year, we learned that Evil Dead’s Sam Raimi was finally planning on directing a new horror feature. While we wait impatiently for that to arrive, there’s another Raimi project coming much sooner: Quibi anthology series 50 States of Fright, which just shared its first spooky trailer.


This is one of the first looks at any genre project on the streaming service, which will be dedicated to “quick bites” (hence the name) maximized for mobile viewing, with episodes clocking in at under 10 minutes. In addition to its more mainstream offerings, Quibi will also feature alien/horror/weird-stuff projects from the likes of Guillermo del Toro, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, the Russo Brothers, and more; we’ve rounded them up for you below, followed by the trailer.

Holy crap. Watch out for that GIANT, HUNGRY BALL OF TWINE!

Though the title is 50 States of Fright, there aren’t 50 episodes of this thing yet, so the first season will narrow its focus to tales set in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon, and Washington. If you glimpsed some familiar faces among the horrific imagery in that trailer, you weren’t mistaken; the cast includes Christina Ricci, Ming-Na Wen, Taissa Farmiga, Ron Livingston, Elizabeth Reaser, and William B. Davis, among others.


But, of course, the biggest name—at least as far as the horror genre is concerned—is Sam “I’ll Swallow Your Soul” Raimi himself, who co-executive produces, as well as directs and co-writes with his brother and frequent collaborator Ivan Raimi (Army of Darkness, Drag Me to Hell, Darkman).

Interested parties can sign up for Quibi ahead of its launch on April 6; 50 States of Fright debuts April 13. If you get in there before April 30, you can take advantage of the 90-day free trial promotion going at the moment—which should provide ample time for sampling the service’s signature short-format programming.

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Not sure if I’m the only one here, but I have zero interest in Quibi.