Sam Raimi's 20,000 Leagues Nixes The Squid For Face-Huggers

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Now that McG's 20,000 League Disney origins movie is beached, Sam Raimi's adaptation of the Jules Verne novel has a chance to get made. But this version is missing one important element: the same one lacking in Watchmen.


Screenwriter Craig Titley spoke with Scifi Wire about his adaptation of the famous story. The version that Sam Raimi is working on with Stars Road, which isn't scheduled to move forward anytime soon, sounds more similar to the original with one giant difference:

"What was fun and interesting is the giant squid that we all remember from the '54 Disney film, in the book it was just sort of like a school of regular-sized giant squids as we know them," Titley said. "We couldn't use a giant monstrous giant squid in ours because Disney owned that. That was something unique that they created for their film. So I had to try to find something that was as exciting as that. What we came up with is this underwater sequence inside an ancient temple that has been flooded. Inside this temple, these guys are walking around underwater and see things zipping by. You find out it's a nest of 100 giant squids, as we know the giant squids, not the monstrous size, so it becomes a sequence sort of like Aliens."


Why does everyone hate giant squids? Disney should give them the rights - maybe they could just stamp a little Disney trademark on the side, Dharma Initiative-style.

With McG's version tabled and Sam Raimi's schedule cleared with the Spider-Man fiasco, perhaps Raimi can switch from producer to director and get this project made. We'd love to see a Raimi underwater epic, especially with his great attention to monster detail.

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disney does not OWN a species , even if the poor bastards work for them.