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For decades, fans have been asking Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell about a potential Evil Dead 4. Now, finally, they can just point them to Starz where the new show Ash vs. Evil Dead will live. But Raimi was working on a sequel and it sounded crazy.


Screencrush was on hand at a recent Q&A with Raimi where he talked about the original Evil Dead 4 idea. He and brother Ivan were working on a script that blended the two different endings of the third film, Army of Darkness. In the version most people know, Ash makes it home to the present. But in an alternate version, he overshoots the present and ends up in the future. Here’s that alternate ending.

Raimi said the idea for Evil Dead 4 would have featured not one, but two Ash characters: the present one and future one, in parallel stories. How that would’ve worked, if it would’ve worked, or if they would have met is still a mystery, especially since eventually the Raimis canned it. Their new idea, focusing just on present Ash, is now Ash vs. Evil Dead.


It’s a really fun idea though and hopefully something the show could explore if it’s on air for a while.


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