Sam Raimi Wants One More Shot At Directing Spider-Man

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While Sam Raimi has been on the publicity circuit for Ash vs Evil Dead, he dropped an interesting bit of news: he would love to come back to direct another Spiderman movie.


In an interview with The Week, Raimi noted that he messed up Spider-Man 3, and that he’d be back to direct another film if asked:

But Raimi also regrets the way his own run with the Spider-Man character ended, and expressed interest in making another Spider-Man someday. “I messed up on the third one,” Raimi said. “I think they’re so complete now, Marvel. They probably don’t need me anymore. But if they needed me? I’d love to. It’s great to be wanted.”

It’s true: Spider-Man 3 was pretty bad: it absolutely killed Raimi and Sony’s plans to continue the series, and forced them to reboot the franchise. But, Spider-Man 2 is usually ranked up there amongst the best comic book movies ever. Could he redeem himself?

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First off, I never got the extreme reactions to the 2nd and 3rd films. Spider-Man 2 was fine. I really liked parts of it, but I couldn’t stand the whole Otto Octavius storyline (partially because Donna Murphy’s forever tainted in my view from her role in the worst Star Trek film ever). Plus, more Green Goblin mumbo jumbo? Meh.

Not sure why this film is touted as one of the greatest comic book films ever. The best parts of that film tended to just showcase Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker.

As for Spider-Man 3, at least we got the black suit (though it wasn’t very well-handled) and some new villains (albeit with more Green Goblin stuff...). I’m not sure why it’s seen as such a bad movie now. It made a shit ton of money. Most critics liked it. Plus, it didn’t have Alfred Molina with his top off.

Plus, in hindsight of what came next, I’d rather watch Raimi’s 3rd film any day than the totally forgettable Amazing films.