Sam Raimi Gets Transplanted To Disney World

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Did Spider-Man 3's musical interludes and painful comedy make you wish that director Sam Raimi could go and make a family-friendly superhero movie for Disney? If so, then (a) you're in luck, and (b) you should probably consider a career in long-term forecasting of some kind or another. Find out about Raimi's latest superpowered project under the jump.According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Transplants will be "a four-quadrant ensemble superhero story with a comedic bent," written by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson, the writers behind Not Another Teen Movie and the short American Pi, who had originally planned to produce the idea as a comic book before Lady Hollywood stepped in with her large, large checkbook. With details about the movie's plot and crew still under wraps - Raimi has signed on to produce the movie for The Mouse, with no directors or cast announced - it's up to blind speculation as to what kind of transplanting the title may refer to. Are we going to see four superheroes in a hilarious story about them moving from New York to San Francisco? Is it going to be the tale of four plants who aren't sure about their gender? Or, as I'm convinced for no reason at all, the story of four people who get organ transplants from a superhero and gain superpowers as a result? (Please note: If that last one isn't the plot of the movie, all Hollywood people, consider that a quick pitch. You can offer me millions of dollars for the rights via the email address on the left side of the page.) Sam Raimi, Disney team for 'Transplants' [Hollywood Reporter]


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Ed Grabianowski

@adg3825: I wish I could understand the weird neural process that caused my brain to retrieve the word "Headmen" the instant I saw the pic, yet I can't remember my parents' birthdays.