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Sam Raimi Ditching Kirsten Dunst In Spider-Man 4 And 5?

Illustration for article titled Sam Raimi Ditching Kirsten Dunst In Spider-Man 4 And 5?

Even though Kirsten Dunst practically took out a billboard advertising her eagerness to be in two more Spider-man movies, Spider-czar Sam Raimi is hinting that he thinks it's time Mary Jane took a little break. Talking to MTV, Raimi said plans for Dunst to return for two more S-M outings are still up in the air. And he was careful to note that in an episodic series, characters come and go. At the same time, he said he'd "love to work with her," and "couldn't imagine making one without her." Meanwhile, he's also keeping his villain options open, in spite of what everybody thinks. After the slow-boiling story of Dr. Curt Connors (the scientist who becomes the Lizard) appeared in the first few movies, everybody assumed that either Spider-Man 4 or 5 would be about Connors turning green and scaly and growing a tail under his lab coat. But Raimi says he doesn't know "who the villain is yet" in the next movie, and he'll only say that Connors' story will be told "one day." (Just please, don't introduce the Lizard as a side-plot in a movie with three other villains. Please.) More options Raimi is keeping open: He says he's "hoping" to direct Spider-Man 4, despite reports that made it sound like he was already locked in. And he says it's still up to studio head Amy Pascal as to whether to film the fourth and fifth movies simultaneously, a chore he likens to Peter Jackson filming the Lord Of The Rings movies. He expects the next two films to have a closely linked storyline, but there's no script yet. [MTV]


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They could have the Black Cat or Betty Brant as the leading lady instead of Mary Jane