Sam Flynn finds his real dad in new Tron Legacy clip

Illustration for article titled Sam Flynn finds his real dad in new Tron Legacy clip

We've seen the gorgeous neon light-cycle races and you've heard the slick beats from the Daft Punk's score — now watch the first ever dramatic moment between father and son. Tron Legacy might be sexy, but does it have heart?

We know Tron Legacy will sell tickets based on the visuals alone, but how is it going to get the rest of my family to attend? Hopefully with heart — which is why Pixar's top dogs were brought into the production to do some last minute storyline tweaking. This here, is the first ever dialog-heavy clip. What did you think? Can the digital soul of this movie compete with the digital images?


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ah man... i'm so tempted to click "play". but i think i'll hold off...

on a different but not so different note... i finally got around to getting pre-tickets for the opening at our nearest imax theatre. very very stoked for that!