Well, that was much better. We had all been a-fretting that Grimm was about to slip off into the abyss of generic TV, but last night's episode was both fun and a little creepy. The best part wasn't the horrifying creature who eats toads and keeps women in cages in his basement โ€” it was Sam Adama, whacking off some schlub's ear. Watch.

So we can all say that Sasha Roiz, who is playing Captain Renard (Nick's boss) is a bad-ass of the highest order. That was a lot of fun, more Roiz please. We're still not sure exactly what this guy is hiding but it seems like he wants to keep Nick alive or else he would have killed him ages ago. But for what purpose? We haven't got a clue.

The monster of the week was played by the delightful Patrick Fischler. The creature can attract and mesmerize his prey by touching them and excreting some type of love pheromone. He then uses these powers to trap women in cages in his basement so he can rape them. Delightful. Nick and his partner (the luckiest cops in the world) solve the case by breaking the law and randomly Googling. It's all rather easy for them both.

But it didn't make the whole basement scene where the creature feeds his women any less creepy. Pilates Wolf popped in to lighten the mood, once again we were given far too little of his time. And in the end, the good guys won. We know they're angling the Captain to be the big bad in this series. Thank heavens for that, otherwise I'm not really sure what we're supposed to be gaining by watching Nick and his partner swiftly conquer every monster thrown at them. Still, we're interested in the bigger story and kind of want to get a drink with Pilates Wolf in the future. Ergo, we'll continue to watch.