You'll never look at food quite the same way after peeking inside the pages of Salvador Dalí's Les Diners de Gala, the cookbook the surrealist wrote and illustrated. Let's just say that food porn takes on an entirely different meaning when Dalí is the one crafting the dishes.

Dalí was quite serious about his cookbook, including recipes for eggs, conger eel, and crayfish consommé. The food was meant to appeal to the senses rather than any concerns for health, and it's fitting that the illustrations are just as decadent as the food—although not all of them would stimulate the appetite.


You can see more of Dalí's cookbook scenes at Brain Pickings (along with a few recipes), Bolt in the Blue, and Dalí Book Collector. The images can be a bit NSFW, especially when he gets into the aphrodisiacs.