Saint Maud's Latest Spooky Trailer Is a Portrait of a Nurse on Fire

Portrait of a nurse on fire.
Portrait of a nurse on fire.
Image: A24
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Normally, when people in horror movies suspect that they might be possessed by otherworldly beings, it’s cause for alarm, but for the nurse at the center of Rose Glass’ Saint Maud, the event’s something more of...a revelation, if you will.


As a hospice nurse, Maud (Morfydd Clark, star of Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings series) has committed herself to helping people transition into the final stages of their lives before they pass on, and the spiritual implications of her occupation undoubtedly factor into her recent conversion to Roman Catholicism. But as she begins to care for a dancer named Amanda (Jennifer Ehle), the intense sexual feelings she starts developing for her charge convince her that a demon’s taken up residence in her soul.

People often have a difficult time coming to grips with their queerness when they’re forced to reckon with it directly for the first time, which might make sense for someone like Maud—but as the new Saint Maud trailer shows, whatever’s going on inside her could very well be exactly as supernatural as she fears.

Saint Maud hits theaters on April 3.

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