Sailor Moon Wants You to Buy a Ford Fusion for Some Reason

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Ford Fusion Power!

Ford Motor Company recently shared its latest online promo for the Ford Fusion, featuring none other than Sailor Moon as its awkwardly dubbed spokesperson. The anime legend stares up at the night sky and dreams of her stylish wheels, while Luna reminds her of all its important safety features (and the fact that she’s not old enough to drive).


It’s part of Ford’s attempt at reaching the “Member Berries” generation with its nostalgic Ford Overdubs. Previously, they’ve done shows like Captain Planet and the Metal Gear series. All I know is there’s no way Sailor Moon would drive anything other than a convertible.


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I’m so confused, if they’re going for our member berries, why wouldn’t they use Usagi’s English dub name Serena? And this is just me being nit picky here, but I would hope they would’ve tried to get the original dub voice actors... or someone close, especially if they had to go through all the licensing for it.