Sailor Moon returns next summer with a new anime series

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Yesterday, the popular manga series Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon turned 20 years old, and for her 20th birthday, it looks like Usagi/Serena/Sailor Moon is getting a brand new anime series. Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi and manga publisher Kodansha announced a new anime for the Sailor Scouts, this time as a worldwide release.


There aren't many details on the new series or the eventual broadcast, which is planned to run in the summer of 2013, except that Momoiro Clover Z, the group that performed the theme song for the original Sailor Moon anime, will be performing the theme for the new series as well. It's also unclear whether any of the original voice actors will reprise their roles, although Kotono Mitsuishi has said that she would like to return to the role of Usagi/Sailor Moon.

A new series makes sense given that the re-releases of the Sailor Moon manga series ruled the comics charts and introduced a new group of fans to the Sailor Scouts. I wonder if the planned worldwide release will include an English-language voice performance, or if we should expect subtitles from the simultaneous release.

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It would be supremely awesome if they got Ikuhara back to direct. They could continue the proposed miniseries that started with Ami-chan's First Love and never continued.