Sailor Moon Avengers fight aliens by moonlight

If, instead of a crew of mostly male superheroes, the Avengers were an all-female team of reincarnated interplanetary princesses, they might look like Ann Marcellino's Sailor Avengers. These might scouts don their sailor uniforms and battle the forces of evil.

Marcellino does a nice job finding parallels between the Avengers and Sailor Moon visuals. Hawkeye's mask matches with Sailor V's; godly Thor has Sailor Jupiter's stature; and Iron Man is a perfect Sailor Mars. I would have thought Loki might have stood in for Queen Beryl, but it looks like Marcellino has given him a Sailor Pluto look to fo with his staff.


You can see the individual Avenger Scouts in more detail on Marcellino's Tumblr, or purchase a Sailor Avengers print from Society6.

Sailor Avengers [Ann Marcellino via How to Carve Roast Unicorn]

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