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Scientists are planning a cruise that could be described as "out of this world," despite being more business than pleasure. The secret? It'll take place on Titan, one of Saturn's moons.

A team of researchers headed by Dr Ellen Stofan, have submitted a proposal to NASA for a mission that would see some kind of vehicle exploring Ligeia Mare, a lake of liquid methane in the North of Titan. According to Stofan, such a mission wouldn't just help scientists understand the chemical composition of the lake itself, but also the ecosystem of the moon and inspire non-science geeks by harkening back to simpler times:

It is something that would really capture the imagination... The story of human exploration on Earth has been one of navigation and seafaring, and the idea that we could explore for the first time an extraterrestrial sea I think would be mind-blowing for most people.


The proposal is expected to be submitted in the next few months, and we hope that NASA sees the potential in a return to blowing people's minds with science. Or, at least, the potential in space piracy on the methane seas.

'Boat' could explore Saturn moon [BBC News]

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