Sadly, Russell Crowe Did Not Get to Screen Noah For the Pope

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But he, and the rest of the Noah team, did get a brief meeting with his this morning. Thus ended nearly a month of speculation, which began with some errant Crowe tweets.

On February 23, Russell Crowe Tweeted the Pope (yes that's a real sentence) about Noah, saying:


Two days later, he followed those tweets up with some more:

But sadly, it was not to be. Variety reported earlier this week that a tentative meeting had been cancelled due to concerns that news of the meeting would cause a scene as Crowe and Aronofsky arrived. On the other hand, Paramount said that those concerns meant that a meeting was never on the table in the first place. They were backed up by a Vatican spokesperson, who also pointed out that the Pope doesn't watch films.


So Crowe and Co. instead were invited to spend this morning in the VIP section for Pope Francis' weekly address in St. Peter's Square. There was a brief meeting and some more Tweeting, and then the Noah show headed for its next stop. Well, if this doesn't help with the complaints the religious purportedly have with this movie, there's still the disclaimer.


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Thanks to cheap CGI, every book-to-film adaptation gets the epic battle scene they so richly deserve. I'm certainly looking forward to the meta-scale mele in next year's Sense & Sensibility summer tentpole.