Sad Max chronicles one man's mad quest to write a musical in the post-apocalypse

The apocalypse has its downsides. There's the lack of food, the crushing loneliness, the cannibals roving the streets. But on the upside, you have plenty of time to do all those things you never got around to. In the case of Max, the protagonist (and, in fact, the only character) of the online film Sad Max, "all those things" is writing a musical, although it can't stave off his rapidly developing insanity.


Sad Max is the work of Teague Chrystie, who did the wonderfully deranged Calvin and Hobbes snowman torture video we profiled a couple months back. This time, his work is tinged with a bit more desperate sadness. Max is a former YouTube personality who is trapped in his house in the wake of the apocalypse. He has no food, but he has a fish for company and a little battery life on his laptop, and he decides to use the remaining charge to record the musical he was putting off. It's not exactly a happy musical — there's no love interest and no prospects — but he does come up with a few gems in his claustrophobic opus, notably "Doritos aren't as bad for you as the apocalypse," which I'll be humming until the end of the world.

The moral of the story? Don't wait for the apocalypse to live out your dreams. It's a lot trickier with marauders roaming the streets and not knowing what water is safe for your goldfish.

Sad Max, the Musical — Hat tip to Chris!