Sacha Baron Cohen as Time in Alice Through the Looking Glass. He’s playing another magic character soon. Image: Disney

Comedic actor Sacha Baron Cohen has always had a little magic about him. So it’s only fitting that he’ll soon play a comic-based magician. Cohen is attached to star in Mandrake the Magician, an adaptation of a long-running comic strip created by Lee Falk.

The Tracking Board broke the news of the Warner Bros. produced project, which will be directed by Etan Cohen. Mandrake is an illusionist, escape artist, and hypnotist who uses his skills to solve mysteries. He’s also got a twin brother with the same talents, who uses them for forces of evil. Though the comic strip began in 1934, this version will update it for modern times, seeing Mandrake recruited by the government to help solve a huge case. It sounds kind of like an action comedy version of Sherlock meets Now You See Me.


Mandrake was the subject of two films previously, one in 1939 and the other in 1954. But for this one, the director took to Twitter to explain what this version will be like.


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