The next superheroine to get her own feature film isn't Wonder Woman, Batgirl, or the Black Canary. It's Sabrina, the teen witch from Archie Comics and, more recently, the Melissa Joan Hart-starring sitcom. And, like so many superheroes, Sabrina is in for an edgier remake.

Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures has a Sabrina feature film in the works, with writers Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari on the script, and Mean Girls and Freaky Friday director Mark Waters possible to direct. Sony is describing the film as a Spider-Man-style origin story about a girl coming to terms with her own powers. They also plan to make Sabrina a bit edgier than the previous incarnations. The biggest change being revealed right now is that Salem the cat, who has recently been portrayed as an avuncular con man, is now a transformed prince — and apparently Sabrina's love interest. Uh, kitty love?


This is obviously not Sabrina's first media transformation, but it's interesting that Sony is latching onto the desire for big-screen action girls with this property and not a more classically superheroic one. Do they think magic is a bigger draw for teenage girls than other superpowers?

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