Sabrina the Teenage Witch and (Maybe) Werewolf Jughead Headline the Next New Archie Comics

Cover credits, from Left to Right: Sandra Lanz, Jaime Hernandez, and Art Baltazar.

They’re only one-shots for now, but who’s to say we couldn’t get a Sabrina book or even more Archie Horror in the future? The world of the “New Riverdale” reboot in Archie Comics is getting a little bigger next year with four new standalone comics.

Announced by Entertainment Weekly, the four new one-shots will come to the “New Riverdale” line as an almost pilot season-esque opportunity. According to Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater, if the issues stoke enough excitement, they could become ongoing series themselves:

These new launches give readers a wider lens with which to see the Archie characters and concepts. I think of it as a very ambitious and top-line pilot season that showcases the successful and acclaimed New Riverdale sensibility. If these books resonate, fans might just see them greenlit as regular series.


So what’s on offer? Well, first up, there’s the adorable return of Little Archie, by Art Baltazar and Franco, in a story about Archie getting his homework eaten by a cat (twist!) In The Archies, by Alex Segura, Matt Rosenberg, and Joe Eisma, Archie kicks off his journey to musical stardom and discovers how his quest for fame will affect his closest relationships.

Then there’s Katie Cook, Franco, and Andy Price’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which follows the young witch as she leaves home for the first time to go to College, and then last but not least, a new entry in the Archie Horror line, Jughead: The Hunger, by Frank Tieri and Michael Walsh, which promises to explore the “dark family legacy” of Jughead Jones. It’s not specific, but look at this cover and tell me it’s not going to be about werewolf Jughead:

Cover by Michael Walsh.

Werewolf Jughead is both a) the name of a comic I desperately want to read and b) the name of my fictional ska band.

All four Archie one-shots will hit shelves in March next year.


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