Sabretooth Had A Lousy Self-Image, Thanks To You

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Do you need more proof that Liev Schreiber is taking his role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine seriously? What about the fact that you guys shamed him into having low self esteem?

In an interview with Details Magazine Liev Schreiber, who is taking on the role of Wolverine's mutant frenemy, who later becomes Wolvie's arch nemesis, explained how blog shame made him reject the muscle suit that Fox initially made him wear for X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The incredibly talented Schreiber was living the high life:
"smoking a pack and a half and drinking my nuts off" on the brilliant Broadway play Talk Radio. But when he was cast next to "The very large and very muscular Hugh Jackman,"

"I started to read blogs in the comic world with things like 'That's the dumpiest, most out-of-shape Sabretooth I've ever seen in my life!'" he says. "They gave me a muscle suit at the beginning. I was so humiliated I thought, I've got to try to do this on my own." Jackman helped him train, putting him on a diet so poultry-intensive that Schreiber jokes they were becoming "the Hitler and Mussolini of the chicken world. But I felt like I owed it to the genre to be big."


A MUSCLE SUIT! Sorry Fox, but that shit doesn't cut it. Good for Schreiber for resisting, because Sabretooth is supposed to be a massive gigantor mutant, there is no room for this half-assed muscle suit BS. I commend Liev for taking this role seriously — not that I would expect any less.

I cast off all responsibility for Sabretooth being ashamed of his physique, and instead heap the blame squarely where it belongs, you guys. Liev is a beautiful artist — leave him alone! But seriously, thanks, because I don't want to watch someone in a prosthetic outfit trying to keep dance fighting with shoulders-for-days-Jackman.

Origins comes out May 1, 2009.


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You know, I don't think people hear enough about the kinda work actors put in to trying to fit into their roles. Gaining weight, losing it, working on speech, all that stuff. Being an actor sounds like a pretty tough job overall.