Ryan Reynolds Talks To The Deadpool Writers Daily

Good news for fans of the unleashed merc with an unsewn mouth: Ryan Reynolds is in constant contact with the new Deadpool writers. Hopefully this means the character won't be mutated into some strange bastardization of the comic.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, of Zombieland have been assigned to pen the Deadpool script. Which is wonderful - these two have shown they know the merit of witty banter, and slo-mo running stripper scenes, all things Deadpool would approve of.


In an interview with MTV the actor taking on the anti-hero role of Deadpool, Reynolds, helped to calm our fears about this flick - he's making sure Deadpool will be getting the twisted weirdness he truly deserves, at least in the script.


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Here's hoping we never have to see this guy again.


[picture via Comic Figs and Killer Movies]

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