Ryan Reynolds flees the Highlander remake

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There can be only... none? Ryan Reynolds has exited the long-in gestation/development hell remake of Highlander, in which he was going to play immortal Scotsman Connor MacLeod, leaving the project without a lead actor or a director.


If you thought remaking the 1986 classic was a bad idea and think this news is good, think again — The Wrap reports that this actually helps the project, because now a new director can cast his own leading man rather than getting saddled with Reynolds. Hey, here's a fun idea... why not cast somebody Scottish? You know, just to see what that would be like?

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The original film featured a Scotsman played by a Frenchman with a pronounced French accent who is so myopic he literally couldn't see where he was swinging his sword, plus a Scotsman playing an Egyptian masquerading as a Spaniard.

So, I'm thinking Javier Bardem.

Wasn't Kevin McKidd rumored for this at one point?